start your career.


Make a living, create your own schedule and be the highlight of someone’s day by teaching yoga in office settings.


Are you tired of being another face in a crowd of yoga teachers looking for work? Are you seeking freedom and control of your schedule? Are you afraid that being a yoga teacher is not a lucrative or profitable profession? Or worse yet, you think that you could never begin a career as a successful yoga instructor because you’re not a “business person.”

Skip the hours of working for free and auditioning for studio jobs that pay $20 a class (if you’re lucky!).

Corporate yoga, or office yoga, is a growing and profitable way to make a living as a yoga instructor! With healthy living at work becoming more and more important, new wellness budgets are an untapped market. Get into teaching office yoga, and set yourself apart as an expert.

With this online class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create your own profitable office yoga business.

You’ll emerge from this class knowing your worth, while working for clients who can pay you what you deserve. My class will teach you skills that make you uniquely suited to teach yoga to beginner students in an office setting.

  • Imagine if you had the freedom to control your own schedule- instead of being at the mercy of yoga studios’ “popular times”
  • Imagine if you could do the job you love, without struggling to pay the bills
  • Imagine if you had the courage to seek out clients- and knew exactly what to say to get them to hire you.
  • Imagine if someone gave you a roadmap of everything you need for a successful yoga business.
  • Imagine a life where you have finally found clients who can pay you what you deserve, working with people who see you as the highlight of their day, and knowing how to teach a class that will help them.
  • With this class, that will no longer be a dream- make it your reality!

What do you get with this class?

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to the online teaching portal. You’ll be able to take this course at your own pace, whenever it’s most convenient for you!
  • Yoga Sequences that will ensure student success and make planning for classes easy
  • The latest research in corporate wellness that will help you gain clients
  • Access to an exclusive Facebook Group with students just like you!
    • Networking and mastermind group potential
    • Advice and accountability
    • Facebook Live pop-ins from me with up-to-date advice, feedback, and encouragement

After taking this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Book clients with ease and confidence
  • Know the exact steps to get your business up and running
  • Create a career you love and start making money


Ideally, this class is for:

  • Someone with yoga certification, with some experience teaching.
  • Someone seeking to take their yoga teaching to the next level
  • Someone looking to start their own successful yoga business


This course will:

  • Help you seek out clients and know exactly what to say to them.
  • Include templates for digital media that will get clients coming to YOU!
  • Provide you with the 10-Step Checklist to start your business
  • Show you the most common objections a company will give you, and how to turn them in your favor


As if all this wasn’t enough, by enrolling in this course you’ll also receive these bonuses!

  • The first five people to sign up for this course will receive 3 one-hour coaching sessions within 6 months of completing the course!
  • Free sequencing guide
  • Templates for social media to make your mark in your area’s market
  • 10 steps to really starting your business


It’s up to you.

Do you want to keep working for free, trying to get low paying jobs at studios and gyms? Will you go back to your old job because you couldn’t figure out how to make a living as a yoga teacher? 

Or, do you want the confidence to run your own successful business?

To have the freedom to create a schedule that works for you, financial stability, and a voice in a growing market? Do you finally have the courage to live the life you want? Take the course NOW to start 2018 on the right foot!


Learn how to teach office yoga!

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More Pay For Same Effort

The over saturated market conditions of yoga studios make it hard to make a living teaching yoga.

You can make 5x+ over typical studio rates teaching office yoga if you get the clients yourself, and about double if you work for another company.  


Freedom To Do More

Flexible schedule: You choose when you work, and you're not limited to studio's popular times.

More time for yourself: With more pay for fewer hours, you'll actually have time to practice yoga, and enjoy life.


Eliminate The Hustle

No more teaching for free at a studio until they give you a low paid sub slot

No more need to have a side hustle

No more burnout


Meet Your Instructor

A regular contributor for the Huffington Post, Lauren Coles is the Founder and Lead Educator at Daisy Yoga, New York City's first office yoga company.  Author of Teaching Office Yoga, Lauren's method is unique - the first and only Office Yoga Curriculum backed by medical research, designed to work specifically in offices. 

Developed by Lauren Coles and Christina Ferwerda, who both hold Master's Degrees in Education and together have over 20 years of teaching experience, we want to teach you how to improve office worker's lives, and make a living doing it.

Previously a work-life balance counselor at a benefits company on Wall Street, Lauren was first certified to teach yoga in 2007. She spent five years working as a special education and yoga teacher at a public high school in New York City. Her office yoga method is inspired by adaptive yoga for people with disabilities.

Become An Office Yoga Teacher

We offer one-on-one coaching, digital training, and more!

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Start Your Own Company

Several of our graduates have gone on to start their own companies in Silicon Valley, CASeattle, WA, Las Vegas, NV, and Raleigh, NC. Unlike any other program, we aim to give you the skills to build an online presence, and may even refer you to potential clients in your area. By joining our network of teachers, fondly known as YOGIA (Yoga in the Office Guides and Instructors Association), you'll have support and advice from other leaders in the office yoga industry. 

Work For an Existing Company

The office wellness industry is a small and friendly place! We have connections to office wellness companies big and small, that could benefit from your services. Working for an existing company is a great way to jump into teaching office yoga.   

Work For a Corporation

Many companies hire on-site meditation and yoga instructors for their wellness and fitness centers. There are wellness coordinator positions available at many large companies. The knowledge you will gain about the benefits of corporate wellness could help you have the edge for these kinds of positions.

Teaching Office Yoga: Next Steps

COme learn about what makes office yoga great



Read Teaching Office Yoga. This book will educate you on the latest medical research that makes office yoga effective




Sign up for coaching with Lauren to help you build your business. Together, you will find your niche in your city's market and help you start something great!


Enroll in the e-course. Our digital office yoga teacher training includes valuable research, a training video, and assignments to help you build your personal brand as an office yoga teacher.